Monday, August 5, 2013

Cardiac Update

I saw my cardiologist on July 10, and, as expected, I got an excellent report on my heart! The halter monitor test showed that my average heart rate is 82 beats per minute. The doctor said that between 70 and 80 is normal for someone my age, so he was pleased with the findings. The atrial fibrillation is still present, but I have learned to live with it successfully. I told the doctor that while on the monitor, I did an intensive, vigorous workout on the treadmill, walking one and a half miles in thirty minutes, and I also worked outside in the yard. To which he replied, “Good! Since you can walk that far, you can take a treadmill stress test! It’s been four years since you had one.” He has a lot of confidence in me! On a treadmill test, the tester adds tilts to the treadmill periodically. I had stopped climbing stairs daily since coming back from Antarctica, but I guess I will have to start that again!
He has been seeing me every six months, but he will not see me again for nine months. That’s like a graduation for me! I scheduled the stress test for October 8, 2013. I am eligible for Medicare on September 1, 2013 because I am on Social Security Disability. I will keep my School Board insurance until I turn 65 and will be eligible for a supplement. The good news about going on Medicare early is that I won’t owe any more co-pays. The copay for this stress test will be 20% of the amount allowed by my insurance. So I will save money! Ahhh! What can I say? Life is great!

In honor of my healthy heart, I am showing pictures of red flowers in my garden.
Multiple blooms on my red double-bloom hibibcus
Single bloom on my red double-bloom hibiscus

Red penta nestled among purple penta

Corel red penta 

Red knockout rose bloom and bud
beside a milkweed butterfly bloom

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  1. Praising God with and for you! Flowers are beautiful!