Monday, August 5, 2013

Al’s Birthday

There are a lot of summer birthdays in our family. Besides mine and Al’s, my sister Christine and my nephew were born on July 26. Christine came to visit us on July 4th, and we celebrated our birthdays together. We gave each other musical birthday cards. Christine gave me one that has a picture of Snoopy, the dog from the Peanuts comic strip, dancing. She gave Al one that sings What a Wonderful World. She is a singer and often hits a high soprano operatic note. Dorothy found a card that said, “You’re not old until the fat lady sings.” When you open it, a lady sings a high operatic note! My sister laughed hysterically when she read it. Then she said, “That’s so ME!” I then said, “We all have musical birthday cards. We could give a concert! And I have something for an encore!” I went into the kitchen to retrieve my “no worry” button. It sings Bobby McFerrin’s song Don’t Worry, Be Happy. A great song for three senior citizens who are celebrating their birthdays! The button was given to me by the mother of one of my former students. I keep it in the kitchen so Al or I can activate it whenever we feel the need!
          Many thanks to all who sent birthday greetings to Al! He was touched! We had a great day. He wanted to see the animated cartoon movie Despicable Me 2. It is about a grouchy old man. We told all our friends it was autobiographical! HaHa! We went to an early movie because Q, our son-in-law, had to go to work at 4:00 pm. Afterwards we went to Al’s favorite deli in the same shopping center, then home to open birthday cards. Three of them were musical. Q gave him one that played Born to Be Wild. It had a picture of an old man sleeping on the couch! Mine had a pair of dancing underpants and sang Oops, I Did it Again by Britney Spears. Dorothy and Q’s pets even gave “Grandpaw” a card. It had a picture of a cat on it and it meowed Happy Birthday. Dorothy’s card said, “For your birthday I wanted to give you the sun and the stars – but I had to settle for the moon.” As Al opened the card, there was a picture of a man mooning him!
After supper, the doorbell rang and it there on the step was our favorite neighborhood family, the Quicks, with a birthday card for Al! Their seven-year old son had picked it out! On the front was a picture of a beautiful young lady in a bikini and it said, “She thinks you’re cute…”. On the inside it said, “For a really old guy!”

Happy Birthday, Dad!
Some of Al’s cards and the “Don’t Worry” button

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  1. Glad to hear the Don't Worry button is doing it's job and making you smile.