Thursday, July 4, 2013

Variations on a Rosebud

I took several different “poses” of the knockout rose seen in the last blog. I had trouble choosing one, so I decided to show the other variations in a separate blog, with pictures only. These photos are in honor of my healing as reported in my blog post of July 2. The doctor is not changing my medication, even though my numbers are creeping up in my blood work. He is watching the numbers closely and seeing me every three weeks now. The PET Scan indicates that no new tumors are forming, so that is ruled out as a cause of increased shortness of breath (SOB). I had a halter monitor and will see my cardiologist on July 10. I made sure I did an intense workout on my treadmill while I was wearing it. Then I went outside and worked in the garden before I took it off. I am sure that my heart will get a clean bill of health! The Scan did show a small pleural effusion around the right lung. I will see my pulmonologist on August 5, 2013. I am expecting a good report from him, too!  

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