Thursday, September 30, 2010

The latest in hospital fashion masks

9/30/2010 – Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the email responses and phone calls to Al’s updates since I have been in the hospital. There is really no more news since his last email, but I wanted to put these pictures of me, Al, and my daughter Dorothy on my blog. Despite this set-back, this bump in the road, we are trusting in God to provide the healing, as you can see from our happy, smiling faces! The masks are to protect me and my visitors from cross-contamination. After they cultured the pneumonia bacteria, they switched to “High filtration masks.” You can see this new style in hospital fashion masks profiled in the picture of Dorothy kissing her fiancee Q. You can just see the love emanating between them, can’t you?

I have had so many phone calls and emails from all of my concerned family members and friends. I appreciate every single one of you. You really touch my life! Al brought my laptop computer into the hospital today and my daughter showed me how to sign in online through the hospital’s server. So I was able to post these 2 blogs. She is so smart, but then again, she does this everyday for a living – going into hospitals to do evaluations for her medical equipment and signing into hospital’s WiFi servers.

I had to post at least 1 picture of my beautiful garden. Here is a red and white variegated double-bloom hibiscus that my neighbor Georgette gave me. So far it seems happy in our front yard, despite the full sun it gets all day long. I put it there so Georgette could see it from her front yard and enjoy the blooms too!

Pics – 1.013, folder 9/26/2010 celtic garden, and 4 from Hosptial folder in celtic garden folder.

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