Thursday, September 30, 2010

I wrote this posting the day before I got sick and never got to pot it. It is still relevant; I didn't change a word of it. Except for the fact that my body needed help from the doctors to figure out what was causing the fever, but it was still good that my body responded with a fever to let the us and the doctors know we neede their help. The good news is that the Tarceva did not cause the fever, so when my body recovers, I can start it again. God is good!

9/26/10 – God Provides!
Hummingbirds have been visiting my garden. They are about one and a half inches long and are brown and black. In fact, I thought they were big wasps at first! Their jeweled tones, I found out after researching them*, are an optical illusion. Their feathers are actually only two colors — reddish brown and black — but granules of the pigment melanin and microscopic air bubbles in the feathers refract light and create a metallic sheen. When sunlight hits them at a certain angle, fleeting colors of the rainbow appear in intense shades of purple, red, blue and green. Also, I found out that their wings rotate 180 degrees, in a figure 8 pattern. This enables them to hover perfectly still, reach great speeds; fly backwards, sideways and upside down. Their wings beat up to 80 times per second while flying or hovering. They have the greatest relative energy output of any warm-blooded animal, and such intense activity by such small creatures requires almost continuous feeding. To sustain this energy level they eat up to one and a half times their body weight daily, most often in the form of flower nectar, although they also eat insects. While sleeping, their heart rates drop dramatically to conserve energy during the night. I guess their colors are an example of what Paul wrote in the book of Romans that some things are not what they seem. Like my lungs’ I can’t help it if the doctor’s still find cancer cells there, I am claiming my healing stripes based on God’s promises in the Bible. And God doesn’t lie.

While sitting on my bench in my garden today, I noticed a bumble bee flying and feeding off the lantana. Now there is another miracle of nature – aerodynamically the Bumble Bee is not supposed to be able to fly. He has a big fat body and relatively small wings – but they do! God provides!

This past Tuesday I went to see the hematology oncologist! My blood levels were good, so I started the new chemo medicine by mouth! It is called Tarceva and it has all the side effects that the IV ones had. It also has on its warning label “Wash your hands after touching this medicine!” I am still running a low-grade fever in the afternoons and evenings. I guess I should embrace it as a good sign that my immune system is working. Dr. Dragun said it would take 2 months for the inflammation to go down in my lungs from the radiation treatment, and she also said she was “hard on me”. She gave me a stronger dose and for longer than most doctors would have. Both of my doctors have seen me with low-grade temperatures and neither seemed concern about it, so I won’t get concerned either. I just keep thanking God for the new medical treatments and drugs and I speak the Word to claim my healing.

The pictures show the foliage in Greenscape. Look how the 4 o'clocks are growing - and the bogenvilla in the corner has gotten long enough to train on the wires. And the elephant ears have finally grown big. Along the side of the house, the "parent plant" has finally grown throught the canopy of Ferngully, my so-called "miniature rain forest". The lilies finally bloomed, and in one of the tubs in the front, just look at this one gerber daisy! It has 6 flowers!

* Defenders Magazine
Winter 2003

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