Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/2010 – A practical matter…

9/11/2010 – A practical matter…

Reflecting on a practical matter…Well, finally I figured out this hat and scarf alternate head wear style! For the past 4 weeks I have been experimenting with all different ways to wear them but I kept having problems. If I wore turbans, they slipped around or came undone. Now my job is very physical, and I can’t have turbans slipping off or coming undone when I start physically working with the students; the turbans don’t even stay on when sitting at the computer doing paperwork, even when I tried fastening them with the hairclips Al bought me. So I went to hats and scarves, like one lady I saw at the radiation doctor’s. Well, I guess hat and scarves are nice if one is staying home sitting still during treatment, but at work the hat slipped one way and the scarf slipped that other way – not to mention the fact that every time I donned or doffed my guitar, the strap got wound up in the scarf ends and pulled the hat off to the side…. GRrrrrr!!!! So I got the idea to pin the hat to the scarf!... But the hat slipped around the scarf!!!...So I tried pinning them together at 3 points, one in front and 2 on the sides. ..That helped but they both slipped the same way together!!!!!...Then I noticed that one of the ladies at work had a stretchy headband. I asked where she got it; she said the dollar store!!! So I went to my local dollar store and bought lots of them, all different colors, to go with my different outfits….The 1st one I wore was too small and slipped up to the crown of my head; then the headband, hat , AND scarf all slipped around together – all over my head!!!!!...Now it’s Wednesday 9/8/10 and I need to have something in place that won’t slip in 2 days, in time for my Open House at school. I am the chairperson and we invite 17-18 different community resources for our parents to meet. I always go around introducing myself and writing down the names of the representatives who come, and thanking them for coming. …So Thursday I came up with the idea of pinning the hat to the scarf and headband in 2 places – front and back. It almost worked!!!! They all 3 slipped together to the side, but not as much and I figured out how to monitor them. When I have a decorative pin in the very front, all I have to do is reach up and feel for that pin. If it is off center, I move it back where it is supposed to be!!!...this worked!!!!...I wore my new white garden hat that my sister Chris had given me, and was able to monitor it, and everything went well for Open House!!!! In fact, after Open House was over with, several staff members told me that they really like all my different hats and scarves!! I thanked them and said that I am really enjoying decorating them to match my outfits. And it is so convenient!!! I fix the hat the night before and just put it on in the morning!!!

What I haven’t told anybody yet is that the new drug I am to take orally – one of the side effects is…HAIR LOSS!!!!! So I will be wearing these hats and scarves longer than I planned!!!!!! I’m so glad I finally got it right!!!! Thank you, Jesus!

On a happier note, my lilies started blooming this week!!!! One bloom a day from Wednesday to Saturday. That means 4 blooms total so far – and 2 more are ready to bloom! Al said the blooming lilies are a sign that my recovery is coming along, right on schedule. Not only that but when I went into the back yard this morning to see the Mexican petunias, the hummingbird came to visit them too!!!! It didn’t stay long, it flit from bloom to bloom and then was gone as quickly as it came, its blurred wings doing that distinctive figure eight pattern!!! When a figure 8 is laid down on its side, it is the sign for infinity! It is reconfirming the message of continuity and infinity in the Celtic art designs. After all, a figure 8 can be drawn without ever lifting one’s pencil from the paper, like the Celtic trinity knot. Thank you, God, for the hummingbird and the lilies and AL ... and the hats and scarves and stretchy headbands!!!

Pictures – Marigolds and Gerber daisies are flourishing in the tubs now. Beyond the lavender lantana you can see the blue salvia blooms. In the top canopy of the 4 o'clock ferngully miniature rain forest, you can see the ragged-edged leaf plant peeking through. It has really grown with the rains from the hurricanes and tropical storms. Here is a picture of my sister Christine and I wearing the garden dresses she bought us and the hats we decorated during our visit on Labor Day.

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