Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Dose of Living Water

I have completed 5 of my chemotherapy treatments, and was able to stay on the once-a-week schedule, due to your prayers and the Grace of our almighty God!(see God? I’m making an effort to praise you more!) I already have completed half of my radiation treatments (16 out of 30). I. wrote previously about the chemo nurse saying I have the highest blood levels of anyone she’s worked with. Well, she told me the same things on Friday, July 30, when I went for my 5th chemo treatment. 2 of the blood levels were higher than last week – white blood cells were 4.5, triple that of the 1.5 minimum required to be able to receive the chemo. The hemoglobin was up to 13.2. The platelets were at 178 – minimum required is 78. So I was on a “chemotherapy high” all weekend!!! I even hum “Chemotherapy high…in Jacksonville” to the tune of John Denver’s song “Rocky Mountain High …in Colorado.” Here’s why I am rejoicing so much – the doctor increased my dosage, and I still did not get nauseated!!! I haven’t even had headaches for the past 2 weeks. I even stopped my swallowing problem by doing breathing exercises with my inspirameter that I got from the hospital. I really wanted it to be able to cough up the liquid that goes down my throat, but I actually stopped it from going down my throat – as long as I eat slowly And, my hair has not fallen out yet!!! I reread the instructions on my chemo drug hand-out sheet, and it said I would get complete hair loss, but I haven’t!!!

On the weekend of July 16, my 2 sisters came to see me, Christine from Orlando and Ivia from Maryland. We went shopping for scarves turbans and hats. It was a great sister outing, (that Al drove us to) and we found an 80-90% off sale. I purchased a dozen scarves, so I’d have one to match each of my outfits. Ivia bought us all a white sunhat. Now when we where them out in the sun, we’ll have a connection to each other. After they left early on Sunday morning, I went through my jewelry box looking for long dangling earrings and broaches and pins that I can put on theturbans. I practiced different ways of tying them and combining 2 scarves at a time; I also have hats to wear.. “Wow, this is going to be fun!, “ I thought to myself, I can be really creative with this alternate head covering styling!” And here it’s been 4 weeks and I still have my hair. Maybe I’ll wear a turban once or twice a week just to say, “This is my badge of courage! I beat the C-word!!!”

This week however, I started to feel myself shedding, like a long-haired dog getting brushed, when I brush my hair or wash it. The first time it happened, on July 30 – the day of my 5th chemo treatment, I considered not brushing or washing my hair for the next 6 months by shellacKing it good with a really long-holding hair spray, but I don’t know of a hairspray that keeps the hair in shape for 6 months at a time. I can’t go that long without brushing or washing it. so I guess I’ll just resign myself (sigh, sigh) to wearing scarves, turbans, hats, long dangling earrings, etc.

(“Wow,” says Bobby’s inner self while outer self tries to feign disappointment at losing her hair, “this is going to be fun and creative! I get to wear my new head gear anyway, and mix and match accessories!”)

On the day of my 3rd chemo treatment, As I was watering my lilies, which have grown abundantly after being exposed to my sisters’ extremely dark green thumbs, God called it to my attention that the lily leaves look just like big swords. “OH, yes, God you are right!!! I have lots of swords planted right in my side flower bed! No wonder my blood levels are so high and my symptoms minimal! Look at all this protection you gave me!...What did you ask?...Do I remember what kind of protection specifically?...Yes, I sure do. Swords are part of the armor of God, and it’s called the sword of the Spirit, the word of the Lord. …What?...You didn’t think I’d remember? …Oh, no, I will always remember my armor of God, ever since it took away my doubt and fear about this health glitch. I put it on every morning and say out loud what each piece represents as I cross your Bridge of Promises into your serene garden.”

With this extreme summer heat wave, the lilies have taught me the importance of getting a full daily dose of the Holy Spirit through the streams of living water. If the lilies don’t get enough water, they wilt, their sword tips bend over, and they cannot protect me adequately against the negative forces. In fact, if they don’t get enough water, they wilt by 4:00 in the afternoon. And if they wilt every day with no relief, they will get “chronic sword tip-dropitis” and be permanently injured by cracking their sword tips – (see the pictures; I had to "retire" some of the sword blades on disability for this chronic condition!). Now just look at all the others, standing up straight and tall, ready to keep in the good things, like living water, faith and belief, and keep out the bad stuff, like fear and doubt, and fatigue from the drugs. These lilies have beautiful blooms (see picture) but they have not bloomed this year. Now I know why; they are not blooming because God knows that I need the swords more than the blooms right now. And this has been yet another reminder from God that I need to keep those rivers of living water flowing though me, and plenty of it, because the hot sun is ready to wilt my defenses if I don’t stay strong in the Lord.

Now on Monday July 26, I asked a teacher at school and her assistants to anoint me and pray over me. I also went to the Wednesday night healing service at my church for anointing and prayers. And at both events I could feel the Holy Spirit passing from person to person, then land itself in concentrated form in my body! At church Father Mark prayed for healing and he included this statement. “She has learned so much from this cancer, and now it is time for the cancer to go.” This reminds me of an affirmation on one of my healing tapes from Health Journeys. “Yes, Lord, I have learned and I realize that I will be learning about You and Your wondrous works, Your caring and compassion, and Your love, for the rest of my life – thank you for teaching me Lord and continue to guide my in Your ways – Thank you for Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the rivers of living water that flow through my body, healing it. Amen.


  1. The white flower looks awesome!

  2. Bobby-

    You are an inspiration! We love you and we love how God is using this journey you are on with the C to be an example and a light to others of God's AMAZING love and Glory!