Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If I were a flower…

If I were a flower in my garden, I would be a marigold. These little plants are so hardy! They can tolerate the heat, being planted in full sun. They put forth seeds at the end of their growing season, which always sprout the next year. They have a distinctive aroma as well as their own built in protection against bugs. I like to say that they have their own armor of God! They are hearty and can grow anywhere, and survive being transplanted. Seeds from the ones in my front yard tubs fall on the ground, and sprout, despite the fact that they fall on top of weed cloth! I transplant them to the back yard. When I pull them up, the roots come through the weed cloth, naked, with no soil clinging to them. I transplanted six of them last month. At first they were in shock. The poor things were lying limp in the flower bed for about one week. But now all of them are healthy, their leaves have plenty of turgor, and five of them are blooming! The sixth one has buds but they have not opened yet.  This week I accidentally pulled up a small marigold in the front yard tub. I pulled a weed and the root of the weed was tangled up with the marigold’s root. I separated them and stuck the marigold root back in the soil. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away! Two days later, it was a healthy little plant, standing up tall, reaching its leaves and blooms toward the sun!
      Yes, these little plants with their orange and yellow blossoms are like me. They are bold, versatile, can grow anywhere, and are not afraid of change! Speaking of change, I am going to see my oncologist today and he might want to change the chemotherapy drug. I really feel comfortable with the one I’ve been on for over two years now. I know all the side effects and how to manage them so they don’t bother me. A new drug would be the equivalentof getting a new doctor, or starting a new personal relationship. But I must be like the little marigolds – not afraid of change and HAVING A STRONG LIFE FORCE!

Tub full of resurrected marigolds!

Marigolds growing – and blooming – through the weed cloth

Transplanted yellow marigold
Transplanted orange marigold with lots of   flowers and buds!

In the center of this picture of the tub you can see the marigold I accidentally pulled up, healthy again! 

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