Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Anni-Birthday Celebration!

My birthday is June 25 and Al’s is July 6. We had a joint celebration with our kids, Dorothy Cherry-Mycue and her husband  Marcelo Mycue. They are known by their friends and relatives as DC and Q. We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Brick. Since I am having chemotherapy in a few days,  I need to eat beef to assure my red blood count is high enough for chemo. So I was forced to order a steak, a fillet mignon! It was the most delicious and tender steak I ever ate! Hmmm, I guess I should always eat there just before chemo treatments! Afterwards we went to DC and Q’s house for dessert. They had purchased a huge chocolate chip cookie and had ordered it to say “Happy Birthday from DC and Q”. There were only two large cookies and another couple was ordering one that said “Happy Anniversary from the Kids.” Well, the orders got mixed up and DC and Q got the one that said “Happy Anniversary from the Kids.” They went back to the store to see if the other couple was returning theirs, but they needed their cookie within the hour, so they did not return. At least our cookie said “from the Kids”, which was appropriate, and it is only three months before our anniversary. We don’t mind celebrating it early! But I keep wondering what the people at the other party must have thought about their cookie’s inscription! If I had been a fly on the wall, I’m sure I would have heard something like, “Who in the heck are DC and Q????”

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  1. Cute cookie!
    Glad you had such a special birthday celebration!