Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Medical Update and Garden Update

     On May 22, 2013 my doctor informed me that my alkaline phosphatase had come down from 147 to 133, almost normal! (normal value is 130) Yea, God! However, my CEA tumor markers were continuing to rise, up from 16.4 to 22.5. At the time I was having a cough and my shortness of breath (SOB) had gotten worse. The doctor decided to order a PET Scan. This looks at the cancer on a cellular level and shows any increase in tumor size or metastasis anywhere in the body. The last time this test was ordered, it took the insurance company over a month to approve it. On May 31, 2013 the office called to schedule it. They had already received the approval! YEA, God! I had the test on June 6. I will find out the results on tomorrow, June 12, 2013 when I go for my next chemotherapy treatment.
    I tried to think why the shortness of breath could have worsened. One reason is an increase in allergies, causing post nasal drip with a resultant cough and asthma from the pollen and plants. So I started using my asthma inhaler. I also started checking my lung capacity with my incentive spirometer again. I could only get 1000 cc instead of 1250 cc. Then I used the inhaler, waited five minutes, and the numbers went up to 1250 cc again. Aha! I found one explanation!
    Another explanation is that the atrial fibrillation has worsened. When the health coach from my health insurance called, I asked her to send me information on atrial fibrillation. I read it over because I have an appointment with my cardiologist next month. I also realized that I had been lax in doing my cardiovascular exercises. I often will not walk on the treadmill for seven to ten days after a chemotherapy treatment. Since I get the treatment every twenty-one days that is half of the time! “No more of that, Bobby!” I told myself. “No more excuses!” So after my treatment on May22, I walked on the treadmill within the week. I did not walk as far or as fast, but I did commit myself to walking at least three times a week, chemotherapy or no chemotherapy. And my SOB and endurance did improve! Yea, God!
     The third explanation is that there are more tumors growing in my lungs. BUZZZZZZZZ! (Irritating sound of a loud buzzer) WRONG ANSWER! I’m not even going to consider this one! I will not succumb to doubt and fear, listening to the devil’s lies, when I should be reciting the truthful promises of God! I had been lax in reading my Bible, too. Now I keep it close to me so I can read it at different times of the day. And while reading the Gospels, I found those wonderful verses in which Jesus said to the people after he had healed them, “Your faith has made you well.” Sometimes he would “your belief.”He didn’t say “your exercise”, or “your reading”. It was “your faith/belief.” I realized I had been healed all along, and it was so simple! All I had to do was have faith - and believe God’s truth!
      Note: references on the healing verses with “faith,belief” : Matthew 8:13, 9:22, 9:29, 15:28, 17:20-21, 21:21-22; Mark 10:52,11:22-24; Luke 17:19, 18:42; John 4:50, 14:12-14
 Here is the first of the 4 o’clock blooms this spring.

This white penta is resurrected every year, no matter how hard the winter was. It has so many blooms it looks like it’s full of snowballs!

I put pentas in all my tubs and containers this year. They are so colorful and they love the sun!
 The blue containers have blue salvia in them also. The blue is so dark, they appear to be violet! Really beautiful! I just love God’s creations!


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  2. I'm believing with you Ms. Bobby!