Friday, June 14, 2013

Humorous T-Shirts

         Wednesday, when Al and I went to the oncologist for my chemotherapy and received the wonderful news of my PET scan, was June, 12, 2013. The twelfth of the month is Buddy Check 12 day in Jacksonville. That is the life-saving program to urge women to do their breast self-exam for early detection. So Al decided to wear his “Save a life; Grope your wife; Save the tata’s” T-shirt. I don’t let him wear it unless I go out with him because I don’t want him to get arrested for sexual harassment. People who don’t know my story misinterpret the shirt’s meaning, and I don’t want to get a call from the jail saying, “Come bail me out!” But June 12 is an appropriate day, and a cancer center is an appropriate place to wear that shirt. To go with it, I chose to wear my Beauty and the Beast Disney T-shirt that has Belle saying, “I’m with the beast.”
          I had to switch to a different office location, in January, so this was the first time the workers there had seen these T-shirts. They all loved it! They kept calling others to “come out and look at this!” Even the patients wanted to see it and were calling attention to it. The doctor thought it was hilarious! Al and I wore them all day long. We even wore them to the healing service at church! The priest and parishioners enjoyed them! I believe that God definitely has a sense of humor! And humor helps turn your mind toward a positive attitude.
         That night I posted the blog that referenced Alfred E. Neuman, the “What me worry!” guy from MAD Magazine. So I decided that the next day I would wear my Mad Magazine T-shirt with Alfred’s picture on it. It says, “The nicest thing about success is that you don’t have to listen to good advice anymore.” Al picked out an appropriate shirt to go with it. He has one that says “How to keep an idiot busy - see back”. On the back it says the same thing except – “see front”. Again, we wore them all day long, and people, both friends and strangers, really got a laugh out of them! I have posted pictures that I hope will bring a smile to your face, too!

          I must apologize to Alfred and Mad Magazine for misspelling his last name in my previous blog. He uses the German spelling, Neuman, which means “New Man.” That is an appropriate symbol for me to wear because I feel like a “New Woman” every day! 

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