Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 19, 2011, Update, Part 2 –

Spiritual update:

On March 30, I went to see the ophthalmologist for a follow-up appointment and he said, “I just got back from a conference and on the plane on the way out there I sat next to an ophthalmologist that works in a cancer center with cancer patients with eye problems.” Long story short, they discussed my case on the plane! It’s like getting a free consult/second opinion!!!! He added doxycycline by mouth!! Oh, yeah, the scratch on the cornea was completely healed! At the healing service at church that night, when they laid hands on me and the priest prayed, he included in his prayer, “Thanks for the networking of professionals, Lord.”

April 2 – Tonight I went outside to sit in my garden. I said, “God, talk to me.” He didn’t speak at first but twice I stood up to go back inside and He said, “Stay out here, don’t go in yet.” I was still feeling very short of breath and a little discouraged but I looked at all the visual reminders of His word and recited the healing scriptures out loud. Finally I said, “God, do you have something new to tell me, or do you just want to reassure me of all the truths you have already taught me?” He answered, “I just wanted to reassure you of all the truths I have already taught you. The testimony of the cancer ophthalmologist on the plane should let you know that I still love you and have not forgotten nor forsaken you.” Thanks, God, for the reminder – and for everything else, too!!!!!

April 6 – I went outside to sit and read the Bible and my 365 Days of Healing . After reading 3-4 pages, I suddenly realized I was not wearing my prescription reading glasses!!!! I hadn’t read regular print without glasses since I was 8 years old!

April 12 – Today I went to Dr. Joyce to find out about my CAT Scan results, I have a sign in my garden, from God, a white petunia blossom!!!! – I will get a good report!!!

April 15– I got a good report from my eye doctor today. I don’t need to return until 3 weeks! Oh, yeah, there was a sign from God in my garden – a second petunia bloom in the tub!!! Thank you, God!!

April 19 – Tuesday

There were a dozen white petunia blooms/buds in the tub today – surely a sign from God I will have a good pre-op session for my procedure on Thursday and get my questions answered – AND – we finally found out what was growing in one small blue flower pot, AND WE WERE AMAZED!!!!!!! The leaves looked like the white penta or the purple lantana, but it had a different colored bloom on it – A RED SPIKE!!!!! It’s a red salvia!!!!! You will recall that all the blue pots had red salvia in them last year but this is the only one that came back. I had been feeling kind of down, wondering if I would get my breath back or was I forever going to have to live with this shortness of breath. This is truly a sign from God. I knew that the annuals in the big pots had survived, but I did not expect any in the small pots to make it through the winter. If God can revive an annual plant that spent a very cold winter with several weeks of 20-degree weather in a small flower pot, He can resurrect my left lung!!!! NO PROBLEM!!!!!! Yea, God!!!!!

Pictures show: A view from the deck of the completed raised flower beds; Another view of completed back yard showing the deck with pergola and tarp where I was reading when I realized I wasn’t wearing my glasses; The entrance to the back yard, with white marble stones; BY36 Look at all those resurrected marigolds!!!!; My artificial, zero-maintenance pond – filled with blue aquarium gravel and stocked with 3 frogs and 2 conch shells!

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