Monday, July 26, 2010

Too much stuff


Through the petunias in the tubs God showed me the futility and danger of holding onto too much stuff – be it emotional or material - Now I come from a long line of pack rats, much to Al’s chagrin – he is different – once a year he goes through his things and throws out what he has not used – The petunias had grown long branches but when the weather turned so hot, the plant could not send vital nutrients through the long stems to the flowers at the ends. Yet I saw new growth trying to come from the crown. So I pruned the long branches and to my surprise, the petunias started to bloom again, in big brightly colored flowers!

What I was holding onto was garbage – and I was stunting the growth of the plant. So it is with too much stuff. I am constantly trying to sort, store, rearrange, catalog, lose and then refind it, often years later- I should be out enjoying life, and making new memories, not being enslaved to material – or emotional - garbage.

Lord, Help me to let go of it all!

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