Monday, July 26, 2010

Time for more pictures


It’s time to send some pictures of new things in the garden. I have acquired 3 new purple salvias, one new Celtic planter, and a Ribbon of Hope* sculpture. I also have a small heart sculpture which I put at the end of the Holy Spirit arm of one of my Celtic Trinity knots. That signifies me receiving the rivers of living water from God via the Holy Spirit. And the 3-inch tall 4 o’clocks that sprouted in the cracks of my sidewalk are now taller than my bench.

I have named many of the places in my garden. I have written about Ferngully and The Celtic part of the garden. The lilies that my neighbor gave me are so lush and tall now that some of their leaves are taller than the window sill. I call this part of the garden “Lilies of the Field”, after the verse in the Bible in which Jesus says, “Your heavenly Father knows your needs. He cares for the birds of the sky and the lilies of the fields, so will he care for you.” (paraphrase). It is just one more of many reminders that God is caring for me.

There is a place between the bogenvilla and the azaleas that we don’t have anything planted. I put all extra mulch in this area and call it “The Armory of God”. This is where I come when I get a new plant or container that needs mulch. Again it reminds me that I have protection from negative forces and thoughts when I don the Armor of God. I put some colorful stepping stones there to dress it up.

*Hope that mankind can one day solve the problem, like find a cure for cancer; I will elaborate on this in a later update.

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