Monday, July 26, 2010

Health Update


Doctors, doctors and more doctors…grrrrrrr!!!!

I have a new symptom – shortness of breath – for which my Primary Care Physician’s and cardiologist’s offices insisted I go back to my pulmonologist – I didn’t want to because , unlike my oncologist, he is a pessimist – but I went, and sure enough, he insists on doing a bunch of tests and ruling out conditions that my cardiologist already said I don’t have – and he , unlike my cardiologist, suffers from the Dr-God complex – doesn’t like to be questioned, wants his patients to do whatever he says without question – so, between the 3 doctors, I am facing blood work, a mammogram, a CAT scan, and a PET Scan in the next 3 weeks – keep me in your prayers that the outcomes of these tests are nothing to worry about –

That brings me to the new titled subject of my emails - I am renaming my series from c-----update to Health update – thanks to my Buddy Check 12 Friend’s misinterpretation of my diagnosis –in response to my last update, she wrote,
“You should put your reflections together in a book. They are wonderful. Do you mind if I forward them to another friend who has also had a reoccurrence?”

To which I answered, “By the way, be careful how you use the word "recurrence" around me! I haven't been definitively diagnosed with an "R............" - I don't even want to say the word. In fact, I stopped saying "C-----" because I don't want to acknowledge it - if I do, it has power over me, and I want to have power over it. I call it "The Big C" now.”

She replied, “You are a wise woman to choose the proper words.”

Tonight as I was reviewing my supportive emails and reflecting on them, BOOM – it hit me like a ton of bricks – These are HEALTH UPDATES – no more references to C----- or R-----------!!! They don’t even deserve capital letters in my mind! I am erasing them completely!!!

So thank you L, for misinterpreting my condition! You have raised my state of mind to a higher level of consciousness - to higher ground!!!!!!

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