Monday, July 26, 2010

Cancer Update


I have been reading the healing promises of God in my Bible ever since I started my garden. Now when I was on vacation in April, I asked Al to help me plant flowers in the containers I had purchased last year (I wanted to put flowers in them last year but I got sick and we couldn’t do it). Since I have a black thumb and he was raised on a farm, I needed his help; I couldn’t do it myself. Now Al doesn’t like the heat and he can get impatient standing around in the garden section of a store (which is outside) while I like to take my time trying to decide what plants to get, and what color blooms, and how many of each, and how many of each color, and trying to envision how they will look in the containers, and what flowers I should put in which containers, and where exactly I will put the containers in the yard, etc, etc, etc., ad infinitum. Al’s way of shopping is to go quickly through the aisles and grab what he knows will work, and go home. I considered telling him to go to Steak and Shake, order a cold drink, and wait while I painstakingly picked out the flowers (which probably would have taken a minimum of 2 hours), but since he has the green thumb and I have the black thumb… that was not a good idea.
So we went together, and between the 2 of us, we quickly grabbed a lot of flowers that like full sun, and went home. One flower that I quickly grabbed off the shelf was red salvia; we have grown it before and it does well in full sun. Its blooms grow straight up like stalks, however, and I was really looking for plants with flowers that grew in a flowing, more natural manner. But – for Al’s sake, the salvia would have to do. I put them in the blue planters and was surprised to see how they put forth new stalks and blossomed out in several stalk-like blooms.
About 4 weeks after I planted my garden, I was sitting on my Celtic bench, looking toward the Celtic sculptures and noticed the salvia. By now each one had 4-6 of the red stalk blooms. Suddenly I realized that I had the greatest reminder of God’s healing power in the garden! Staring me in the face was a reference to Isaiah 53:5, “By his stripes we are healed.” I have red stripes in my garden!!!!!!!! I mean, it was like God was hitting me over the head with a 4 by 4 to get my attention and saying, in a loud voice, “You’ve been staring at these red salvia blooms for 4 weeks and are just now getting it?!?!?!?! What more confirmation do you need that I have healed you, Lady!?!?!?!? DUH!”

So thank you, Al, for being impatient and rushing me through the garden section!!!!!! In fact, I like the red salvia so much that I planted some blue salvia too!

Before I sign off, I want to share with you one of my favorite parts of the garden. It started out as something completely utilitarian but has turned out to be one of the most important parts in my healing. Our cable for the Internet lay exposed on the ground, so we got a little wooden bridge to put across it. Dorothy found a stepping stone with a sunburst, which I put in front of the bridge. So the bridge protects the cable that links me via email to the rest of the world, enabling me to share my thoughts and pictures will you.

But more than that, the bridge has become the link to my new cancer-free life. Every day – at least once, but usually several times a day – I step on the sunburst and say, “This is the dawn of a new day, the dawn of my new cancer free life”. Then God crosses the bridge with me and as we cross, arm in arm, I claim all of His promises in the Bible. Alllllllll of them – not just the ones for healing but the ones for prosperity, peace, love, truth, wisdom, power, strength, joy – too many to list here, but they are there, in the Bible, and I claim them! And then the bridge leads me to the Celtic part of my garden, where the trinity knot, the cross – and the red salvia – reside!!!!!!!

I love this part of the garden so much that sometimes I walk across the bridge 3 or 4 times in succession. My neighbors know that my garden is a healing garden, but I’ll bet that strangers who see me walk across it over and over and over again, while talking out loud to God, probably think I’m certifiable!!!

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