Monday, July 26, 2010


Cancer Update May

A short but very important lesson today – while watering my garden, a stranger, a young lady, passed by and said, “Hello, they’re beautiful.” The flowers are God and the yard is my life – would that I could show the presence – the love – of God in my life so that people would look at me and say – “Hello, that’s beautiful.”

This lesson was reinforced at church 2 days later – the gospel reading was from John 17:20-26 and talked about Jesus and the Father being one – one in love – and the people becoming a part this oneness in love, thus showing the love of God in their lives - the priest ‘s sermon was about this too – he asked the question, “what if a visitor came to our church looking for God and all we showed them was the church?” – the church is an empty building – the people in the church must show the presence of God, His love, in their lives –

That is what I would like people to see in me – what God has done in my life, the difference He has made – the faith, the trust I have in Him and the confidence this gives me – confidence to claim my healing because my faith has made me whole.

Most obvious life lesson -

God continues to speak to me through my garden. We have to do container gardening in the front and side yards because we put weed control cloth under all the mulch. We have 3 tubs of flowers in the front yard. All started with the same kinds of flowers – petunias, gerber daisies and marigolds. The one with the white petunias is overflowing! Did I do that? Not hardly, with my black thumb! Unbeknowst to me, my next door neighbor Georgette had some leftover MiracleGro and put it on the white petunias. It looks like the MiracleGro TV commercial! Obvious life lesson: you need spiritual food to grow spiritually.

But there are some other not-so-obvious life lessons, too. Georgette also put Miracle Gro on my heather (a nice plant for a Celtic garden). Before the white petunias started bursting out of their tub like popcorn, I had noticed my heather grew 3 inches in 3 days. I mentioned it to Georgette and that’s when she said she had put Miracle Gro on my plants. The second lesson is:
Don’t be haughty and think you did something all by yourself – you don’t know who or what other factors were at work behind the scenes.

Also, this taught me “don’t be too proud or afraid to ask for help”; many people are flattered to be asked to help, to give tips and advice. And you bless them by giving them an opportunity to help. I’m going to ask my neighbor to show me how to mix and apply the MiracleGro so the other flowers in my containers can flourish like that too!

Third and most important, don’t forget that God is always at work, so be sure to thank Him. He is a constant factor, just like gravity is a constant force. You can’t get away from, or turn off, either of them!!!

Humor is an excellent medicine - it stimulates endorphins and helps one keep a positive attitude - so I always look for something to laugh about. I named each of my tubs (see the 3 pictures attached). The one with the white petunias is "White Petunia Wonderland", the one with the purple petunias is "Reigning Royal Purples", and the one in which the marigolds took over more than half of the tub is called "Marigolds Rule (and Petunias Drool)"

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