Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hospital Update

Yes, you read it right. I am in the hospital. The fluid retention got worse.  I started having dizzy spells when I tried to walk. We got a used wheelchair from a family member.  Between my chemotherapy nurses and my cardiology nurses, the decided I was over-medicated, and decreased the diuretic. But before things got better, they got worse. The dizzy spells became blackouts and I fell and broke my ankle. So we came to the hospital to get me straightened out! Five doctors are seeing me and working together! I have a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, an oncologist, an orthopedist, and my primary care physician. The fluid is starting to come off slowly. They were afraid to withdraw it too fast lest my kidneys become overloaded.
               The orthopedist put a brace on my leg. I can only take it off for bathing and I cannot put any weight on it. Last night I got another diagnosis and another doctor. I have cellulitis in the leg that was broken. So they called in an infectious disease doctor. He put me on IV antibiotics and said it won’t interfere with my chemo therapy.
                This is Dorothy typing for her mom, Bobby. She forgot to add all the fun stuff from her hospital stay so far. One Saturday night we had a slumber party in the hospital. We watched Netflix and ate pudding. We stayed up talking about girl stuff, like which one has the best husband, makeup, accessories, etc. She looks a lot better than when she first came to the hospital. My mom is definitely giving the nurses a run for the insurance money. Every hour, almost, she hits the call button. Someone always comes, though possibly thirty minutes later. My husband Q and I went to Wendy’s one night. They messed up our order so we got a large frosty as compensation. Mom enjoyed eating that. I also made her a video of all her “grand animals” and included all 6 of them (the dog Chiquita, the cat Moon, the possum Guinevere, the chinchilla Mr. Fluffums, the turtle Toidle, and the guinea pig CoyCoy). Just because she cannot see them, doesn’t mean they don’t miss their Gamma.
                Prayer Request: Please pray that the fluid buildup drains, and the cellulitis and the broken bone heals.. I don’t have access to my pictures in the hospital but will post them when I get home. My garden has been growing and is full of blooms.

Thank you so much from me and my family for all of your prayers. You all are truly a blessing in this world. 

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