Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medical Updates on the Cherry Pits

       My blood work, the CEA markers and the alkaline phosphatase, seem to have stabilized. They did not go down, but did not go up either. I had the PET Scan on Tuesday, August 27. I am still having shortness of breath but my arterial blood levels are good. I have started to wear my pulse oxygenator to monitor it and it is well above 90%.  My primary care doctor cut my blood pressure medicine down by half because I was getting dizzy and faint when standing. That condition is known as orthostatic hypotension.  I have been monitoring my blood pressure at least one a day, too, and it is staying low. I saw my pulmonologist on August 19. He showed me my x-rays and said there is a change in the right lung. The lower lobe is hazier than it was.
       Okay, God! You know what to do with abnormal medical findings! Let’s bind that haziness on earth and in heaven and loose good lung tissue on earth and in heaven, in the name of Jesus, by whose stripes we are healed! I understand that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!
       As for Al, he finally got his permanent crown on Aug. 21. Yea, God! We went out for a steak dinner to celebrate! It has been almost two months since he could chew on both sides of his mouth.
Last but not least, COMCAST STRUCK AGAIN!We received the bill. After Al and Dorothy spent three hours on the phone getting the modem to work, they had the nerve to charge us $100 for two service calls! Not only that, but they called Al on his cell phone to see if he was satisfied with the service. Al told them everything that went wrong and appealed the service charges.But then he got even with Comcast when he said, “By the way, you called me on my cell phone, which is ATT! Does it work? Yes! Maybe I should switch all my services to ATT!” Ah, yes, U-Verse is sounding better and better.
       After the Comcast fiasco, I decided to relax by watching television. Since I am learning to cook again, I turned it to the food channel. Maybe I’ll learn to cook a spicy Italian pasta dish, or a French sauce with wine. Oh, no! The lady is announcing her entre as she takes it out of the refrigerator! She’s cooking heavily fat-laden PORK BELLIES! Yuck!! I need my anti-nausea medicine!

       Pictures feature two blooms, to represent Al and me dealing with the fiascos in our life. Of course, we deal with them by giving them to God!
Knockout rose and butterfly milkweed at dusk

White penta and blue plumbago

Mexican petunia and Rose-of-Sharon

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  1. I'm sorry for the trouble with your Comcast, Bobby. Please email our team at with a link to your post, the service address, and your preferred contact number. We will address your concerns with our regional corporate office and work to make this up to you.