Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Medical Update

          My CEA marker numbers have been slowing rising and my oncologist is concerned. He thinks my body has built up a resistance to the Alimta, my chemotherapy drug. He is ordering some tests on my original biopsy tissue to see what other drugs are effective. I will find out the results when I see him on August 14, 2013. My CEA marker is 55.9 (up from 35.5) and my Alkaline Phosphatase is 161 (down from 169).
          On a positive note, my lung capacity is still 1250 cc on my incentive spirometer, I can still walk the treadmill, and my asthma is better. I’m using my inhaler once a day or not at all. Al had his follow up dentist appointment with the periodontist Monday and his mouth has healed. He will go to his dentist Wednesday to make the temporary crown. Last week the periodontist gave him antibiotics for his mouth and they also helped his knee! So Al is on the mend!
         The weather has been miserably hot and humid. To work in my garden, I have to get up early at 6:00, when the temperature is cooler, in the seventies. With all the rain we have been having, it has not been necessary to water, but I can’t keep up with the weeds! The rain nourishes them too! Seven of the eight marigolds that I transplanted are growing well in their new sites, and so are the two white penta plants. In fact all the transplanted marigolds and pentas are blooming! Now I have more color in my flower bed out back! And I can see all the flowers from my living room window!
          My Mexican petunias are full of blooms, too. Today I counted over one hundred blossoms! As you may recall, those flowers represent my faith in God, which is confirmed and renewed daily by the many blessings and tender mercies that he bestows on me and my family. That is why Al and I can find humor when things go wrong and I write a “Cherry Pits” blog. We know that all things work for good for those who love the Lord (Romans 8:28) and no matter how bad things get, God will work it out for us!

Transplanted penta blooming

Transplanted marigold blooming

Mexican petunias in the early morning sun

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