Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! It’s No Longer All about Me!

Several Weeks ago my succulent plants started blooming! My cactus, My aloe plant, and the ragged leaf one whose name I know not are all blooming! In the summer, the cactus started to bloom but I overwatered it and the buds fell out. I am careful not to make the same mistake this time. This is the first time the ragged leaf one has bloomed, although I have had it for many years. It was given to me by my neighbor. I have NEVER seen an aloe plant bloom! At first I thought it was blooming to welcome me home from Antarctica, but last week it suddenly hit me that it had a much more important message! This plant was given to me in the summer of 2011; it is the only one I take inside during the winter because the cold will cause its succulent leaves to burst. And it was given to me by my very dear friends Brenda and Al. They have been praying constantly for me since March 2010.
Well, in November 2012 our friend Al was diagnosed with lung cancer!  We went to visit him in the hospital; we talked to him and his wife about the course of the disease, since I have intimate knowledge of it! He had a positive attitude and I was able to reinforce that for him and Brenda. He was referred to the same oncology group that I see! The radiation oncologist is excellent, holistic and positive. She is the one who told me I could beat this disease with early detection and a positive attitude. She also said it is important for oncologists NOT to destroy vital organs with radiation and chemotherapy because many more people are surviving cancers and quality of life is therefore an important issue now! Al Cherry and I fell in love with her and are sorry my radiation is finished because I no longer have a need to see her! Our friend Al has a different hematology oncologist, but all of the ones at this office are good. They engage in research and keep up with the latest developments.
The important message from God sent through the aloe plant in my garden is not for me; it’s for our friend Al! It is to let him know that God is in control of his life and the cancer treatments will work for him, like they worked for me! Praise God and Hallelujah! I called Brenda Sunday, December 30, 2012 to tell her this good news. She said her husband had a very good Christmas and was even able to eat some solid food! Yea, God! It is a Happy New Year for me and my friends!
The alternate title to this blog entry is equally important. This idea came to me while I was writing about Al’s Navy experiences and his eye surgeries. The fact is, I am no longer focusing all my energy on MYSELF! Yes, I have problems that need to be addressed, but they are not the end of my world! Life goes on! There are other people in my sphere of existence that also have problems and need prayers just as much as I do! Even more important, there are so many GOOD THINGS happening in my life right now, that I would miss their full impact it I dwelt on my problems! Thank you, God, for these important lessons! And please keep teaching me!  
Pictures show the gorgeous blooms/buds on the aloe (1 and 2), ragged leaf plant, and cactus.

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  1. Bobby, now that I have a blog, I'm slowly learning this blogspot. Now we can be blog friends, too!
    But the reason I'm writing is I have NEVER seen an Aloe bloom. That is amazing! The bloom is so unusual and I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it on your photos coming out of, yes, an aloe plant. I'm thrilled for you!