Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I used to write in my journal every day, but I no longer feel the need to do that. I no longer think that today might be my last day; I am beginning to feel normal! Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and socially as well! I feel like I could live forever! I am able to engage in more activities with less fatigue. I no longer tell new people I meet that I am battling cancer They can’t tell from looking at me; I look so healthy! I am also able to go places to socialize without getting tired. I am starting to do more housework. Going places with my daughter no longer tires me out. She is younger and at one time during my treatments I could not keep up with her; I could not go places with her every time she asked me to, which broke my heart because I always said if my child wanted to spend time with me or needed me, I would make time to be with her. One never knows how long Al and I will be around, since we had her late in life. I was 36, Al was 42. I am flattered that she values my opinion on the many issues we converse about.
On November 20th we leave for Antarctica. Now when we were in the Galapagos Islands, God gave me the sign of the rainbow to assure me that I could keep up physically with the other passengers. One day when we were ashore, it rained and God gave us a full rainbow arc. Al and I had umbrellas instead of rain ponchos. The travelers with ponchos asked if they could stand under our umbrella to take a picture of it to keep their cameras dry.  I had been thinking of taking that picture with me to Antarctica as a reminder to keep my faith and believe. My sister visited us last month and brought me a daily devotional book entitled Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. One passage read “As you journey through rough terrain with Me, gain confidence from your knowledge that together we can handle anything.” It also talks about “past experiences of coping successfully during hard times.” Well, I certainly journeyed through rough terrain with God trekking in the Galapagos! And coped successfully! So there’s my assurance! Thank you, Jesus, for speaking to me through this book!
Saturday Al and I tried on our cold weather clothes for the trip. Everything fit and we could move around easily. It is amazing how technology has made a difference in cold weather clothing. If you have ever seen the movie “The Christmas Story,” you may recall a scene in which the little brother is so bundled up with layers of sweaters, jackets and coats that he can’t move his arms or get up if he falls down in the snow. Now there are microfiber materials that are very thin but warm and lightweight. For example, I know that goretex, a fabric that cuts the wind and keeps one dry, came from the space program. It is what the astronauts’ space suits are made of.
We have to wear three layers of outer clothing – a base thermal layer, a warm fleece or down layer, and an outermost waterproof layer. The base thermal wear used to be called “long underwear” and was made of bulky cotton or wool.  Now it is made of a thin microfiber with wicking that keeps you warm and dry. The wicking takes the sweat away from your body. The middle layer is for warmth and the outer layer keeps you dry and cuts the wind so you don’t feel the cold as much. I bought a pair of gloves made out of warm, thin material. They have thin pads on the first two fingers so one can manage electronic equipment. Did you ever try operating a digital camera with thick heavy gloves? I put these thin gloves on and took pictures of my garden. I had no problem taking the camera out of its case, snapping the picture, and switching from still picture mode to video mode! 
The picture of the rainbow in the Galapagos was taken by a fellow traveler, Anne, while standing under my umbrella. Other pictures show sculptures in my garden. There is a fairy sleeping peacefully in the lilies; sometimes that reminds me of Moses in the bulrushes. The trinity knot, of course, represents Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Note that there is a heart at the end of the Holy Spirit’s knot. That represents my heart receiving the Words of the Lord, as streams of living water, from the Holy Spirit.

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