Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breaking news! Update on Al’s Vision

 We knew Al would not need glasses for far vision but we had to wait and see about reading and computer work. He wanted to try some drug store reading glasses. I have a pair of #2 magnification non-prescription over-the-counter reading glasses, so I gave them to him to try.  They are very feminine; they have fake diamonds on the sides. Today I went into the computer room and he was wearing them while working on the computer! I said, “They work for you, huh?” He replied, “Yes, and I have used them to read the newspaper, too. I don’t have the eyestrain that I used to get.” So I suggested that we buy him some more masculine ones, but he said, “No. I want to wait until I have the other eye done; then I’ll see what my vision is like and get my own reading glasses.”
Now there’s a real man for you! Diamond studded reading glasses! I’m sure they will look great with his kilt, too! Speaking of kilts, we found a shop in St. Augustine where we can get a sporin. That’s the pouch that men wear with the kilt to carry their belongings. The owner of the shop is going to make one for Al. Then he won’t have to carry a purse with him. I always said that the sporin was the original European man’s purse! At the same shop we found a half sword with Celtic designs and a holder that will fit on the sporin’s belt.
We are so happy with Al’s vision! Just another blessing that God is bestowing on us!
One picture shows two of our eye doctor’s staff members. We ran into them at the Pink Ribbon Symposium. The other picture shows the new Celtic half sword, just the right length for a kilt. 

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  1. Good News!
    Like the sword! Must be that British shop down in St. Augustine?