Friday, September 21, 2012

Double Anniversary Celebrations!

September 17, 2012 was mine and Al’s 35th wedding anniversary. We had so much fun! We ended up at a biker bar! It was on a Monday night and our children, daughter Dorothy (DC) and son-in-law Q, met us at an Irish Pub called the Tilted Kilt. On the 17th day of each month they have “St. Practice Day” and they make the special dishes and serve green beer that they offer on St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, Al wore his kilt, I wore my Celtic shawl and DC wore a purple Celtic dress. Q found out that every Monday night this establishment has “Biker Night.” Because of the exorbitant price of gas, he invested in a used Harley Davidson motorcycle, so of course he rode it to dinner. The maître’d clapped when she realized that Al was wearing a kilt! “Oh, that’s wonderful, “she said.  The manager came over to greet us and wanted to see Al’s kilt, too. I told him we were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary and he said, “Congratulations! Dessert’s on me!” Dorothy made us a wonderful anniversary present. It’s called an exploding box. It is a cube with pictures on the inside. When you take the top off, the sides fall down and there are three layers of photographs on each of the four sides! She put photos from mine and Al’s life in it. It is a symbol of the wonderful 35 years we have already shared and all the many years we plan to share in the future!
After we ordered dinner, I volunteered to stay with the purses and sent Al, Q and DC out to the parking lot to get a picture of Al sitting on the motorcycle in his kilt. It did not occur to me that he did not know how to get on a motorcycle in a skirt without revealing what he was wearing underneath! He kept saying, “I’ll be riding side-saddle.” When they returned, DC informed me that she had pictures of Dad goofing off in the parking lot! In front of all the bikers! Wearing a kilt! (So what else is new?) We had a very tasty dinner with ice cream and brownies for dessert. DC had to leave early to grade papers. As Al, Q and I were leaving, Al kept explaining to all the men who were looking at him that he had to carry a “European man purse” because kilts don’t have pockets! (As if they were staring at him because of the purse!) However, we must buy him a sporin so he doesn’t feel self-conscious about carrying a purse when wearing his kilt! That is the pouch that Scotsmen wear around their waist when they don their kilts. For this occasion tonight, Al carried his leather fanny pack.
Now it was my turn to pose on the bike! I had no trouble; I was wearing pants! The restaurant closed off the parking lot next to the outdoor bar so the bikers could park their motorcycles there. They were milling around, talking, listening to live music, and looking at each other’s bikes. While Al was taking my picture on Q’s bike, I noticed a biker taking our picture; he had a professional camera. When I looked at my pictures at home, I realized that the Adamec Harley-Davidson dealer’s van was in the background. Al later found out that they go to different events around town and post their pictures on line. So I must go to in Jacksonville, FL to see if they posted our pictures on their website!
I have one more thing to add to this blog before I sign off. I entitled it double anniversary celebrations. On September 17, 2012 I became a 20 year breast cancer survivor. My breast biopsy was done on my wedding anniversary in 1992, so every year when I celebrate my anniversary, I celebrate being a breast cancer survivor! My next blog will be about a special celebration we are having city-wide in Jacksonville to honor breast cancer survivors. It is the 20th Anniversary of Buddy Check 12. Those of you who don’t live in Jacksonville may have Buddy Check programs for early detection in your city. The program, which emphasizes doing monthly breast self-exams, was actually started here in Jacksonville by our local newscaster, Jeanne Blaylock, 20 years ago!
Thank you again for all your prayers and support! Al and I are looking forward to sharing many more anniversaries together, and spending time with our kids, DC and Q.
Pictures show Al, Dorothy and I at the pub; Al welcoming us to the pub; Al trying to figure out how to get on the bike in his kilt; Al on the bike, showing off his legs; me on the bike, Q posing with me on the bike.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Quite a celebration - looks like you all had fun! Congratulations on both anniversaries, and Best Wishes for many more!
    xo Jane