Saturday, November 5, 2011

God Surprises Me – Again!

November 5, 2011 – Hello, Everybody! It has been a stellar week for me! On Monday, 10/31/11, I visited my former workplace (a school for mentally and physically challenged students) and participated in their Halloween festivities. It was good to see my former colleagues and catch up on healing hugs! On Tuesday, 11/1/11, I went to see my pulmonologist (lung doctor). Dr. Crowe was out so I saw Dr. Reid. I have good news to report! When I asked about fluid in my lung, he said, “Actually your x-ray shows a change; it’s better now. On 9/1/11 it showed fluid within both left and right lungs, but that is gone now, and it is because you have been taking a diuretic.” I asked him if he heard any air exchange in the left lung and he replied, “Not in the bottom/middle lobes but the top is aerated.” WOW, I’ll think I’ll ask the doctor if I can stay on the diuretic even after I finish the chemo; it’s good for my lungs! I feel like the top portion of my left lung has been resurrected! Eight months ago there was NOAIR EXCHANGE in that lung at all! I wasn’t expecting this good news!
On Wednesday, 11/2/11, I went to see Dr. Chokshi, my ophthalmologist (eye doctor). There was more unexpected good news! Those of you who have been following my blog since its inception may remember that one of the chemo drugs affected my right eye. I had a large tear in the cornea and 40% thinning of the cornea. I had to take eye drops every hour to lubricate it so it could heal. Now the corneal thinning is down to 10-20%! Another resurrection in my body! WOW, God! Whenever I go to a healing service at church and I don’t have any new lab results to report, I just ask for “continued healing.” God knows what my body needs, and He continued to heal it!
We invited our friends Bob and Tish over on Thursday to see our rock-scaped back yard. They had given me 2 of the 4 Mexican petunias and the cactus for my birthday last year. The day they came, 2 plants had bloomed for the first time this season, the elephant ear and the red bougainvillea. I didn’t know elephant ears bloomed, but Tish found it! I take this as a sign from God of how important my support group is in my healing. And that includes all of you who are reading this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
On Friday I received notice from the Social Security Department that my disability claim had been approved. That means more money for me! The amazing thing is that I didn’t finish my phone application until 10/11/11, and the notification letter was dated 10/31/11 – only 20 days! The usual wait time is 3-5 months! Al says it was processed so quickly because I had trouble getting the final phone interview set up, talked to a rude lady the third time I called, and then asked to speak to a supervisor. In talking with the supervisor, we discovered that this rude lady had not documented my case adequately, and the supervisor realized that I had the names and dates of 4 people that I had conversed with previously. In fact, she told me that if I had any more problems, to call and ask to speak to a supervisor directly! Like Al always says, snowballs roll faster downhill than uphill! I feel like the Social Security Department has been resurrected!
Thank you, God, for all the blessings you are pouring down on me! And on my garden! Pictures show the elephant ear flower and the red bougainvillea flower that bloomed for the first time when our friends visited, and the fuchsia bougainvillea. I love to sit on the Celtic bench and look at the bougainvillea flowers silhouetted against the blue sky.

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