Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Special Days in My Life

Mine and Al's 34th wedding anniversary was Saturday, September 17, 2011 and God gave us a wonderful present! Our lilies bloomed for the first time this year, 2 flowers, one for me and one for Al. Al says it is a sign from God that we will spend many more anniversaries together! I totally agree!

The day started out with Dorothy and I having our mother-daughter nail salon pedicures, then she and Q took us out to lunch. In the afternoon Al and I rested. We ordered out for pizza for supper and watched the Florida Gator game on TV. Another way to describe our evening is "we spent it growing old together." Not growing old as in getting sick and weak, but enjoying ourselves, just being with each other, going where we want to when we want to. And this leads me to the second special day.

I retired from the public schools on June 30, 2011. I had 2 wonderful retirement parties - one from the school District Speech-Language Pathologists and another one at my school, Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center. I received wonderful gifts from my colleagues. I hope to be posting more blogs, now that I have more free time! God is good! In fact, He's awesome!! I wrote a farewell poem for my school because I have so many prayer partners and supporters there. Here are the last 2 verses:

I have a place in my heart for the staff.

Through the years we have cried and we've laughed,

Sharing together - through all kinds of weather,

Ups and downs that life brings - experiencing things

That could've blown us away like chaff!

Yet side by side we have stood,

Holding hands through the bad and the good.

Confidant and tall - I've handled it all!

My race I have won - So, Life, bring it on

Retirement has finally come!!

Pictures show Al and me at my school's retirement party, Al and me at the District's retirement party, me and my principal, Mark Cashen, at the District party, and the spider lilies.

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