Monday, December 27, 2010

December 23, 2010 – The Wedding Day!!!!!

Our daughter Dorothy married her fiancée Q today and it was a beautiful ceremony! Here is a poem that Q’s Uncle wrote; it was written specially for them but it applies to any one in a relationship, so with Uncle Ed’s permission I am posting it on my blog.

A Prothalamium – The Short Wedding

Song Version for Dorothy Cherry and Marcelo Mycue

Life’s full of tricks

Some tricks are OK

Some tricks are not

Give a lot

Listen a lot

Be Happy

Don’t love ‘things’

Love Life

Love each other

Make up rimes

Laugh at jokes

Smile you are married

Edward Mycue 3 December 2010

The theme was Celtic and the bride wore a purple velvetex Celtic gown with gold trim and purple chiffon sleeves that hung from her elbows all the way to the floor. It was made especially for her in England. She attached purple rose petals to her ivory veil. Around her neck she wore a hand-beaded purple Celtic trinity knot within a gold triangle. This was a gift from Al’s cousin Sandy. The father of the bride marched down the aisle with her wearing a traditional Irish kilt ensemble, also from Great Britain. He wore a black Prince Charles jacket, knee socks with knee garters and a knife, and a sporin. The sporin is the little pouch in the front and that is where the soldiers put their rations in the olden days and today they use it to carry their important things like driver’s license, credit cards, and money. So it was the original European man’s purse. With all the belts, buckles and straps to adjust, it took him as long to get ready as it did the bride!!! And he needed help, too. He is grateful for my sister Ivia, who helped him. Needless to say, they made a striking pair walking up the aisle!!! I wore a black and blue Celtic shawl, a black and blue sequined top with a black velvet skirt. My sister Christine helped me put my outfit together. I accessorized with silver Celtic jewelry – a sunburst pin, Celtic knot earrings, and a 3-spiraled Celtic talisman on a black cord around my neck. The groom wore a black tuxedo with a purple shirt. His mother wore a black dress with a white jacket.

The wedding cake was Celtic – white icing with purple Celtic designs (and no flowers). The music for the processional and recessional was Celtic. Their wedding vows were Celtic. The music that they marched out with sounded like an Irish jig and – to everyone’s surprise and delight - they skipped down the aisle!!!!!! Q told me later that they did that because they wanted to start off their married life with joy and merriment!!!

Q’s family had a lasso tradition; his brother Alfredo and his sister-in-law Sherri were the sponsors. At the end of the wedding ceremony, they put a double rosary made of crystals around their necks to symbolize unity with God. They also had special coins to give them to symbolize prosperity. Q’s mother Elena actually brought the coins used in her wedding in 1964 – solid silver dimes!

They drank mead for the toasts at the reception. Mead is a medieval wine made with honey and fruit and it comes in different flavors, depending on the fruit used. There were many lovely toasts from friends and relatives. Dad’s toast was “Love doesn’t mean being perfect, but it means being perfect for each other.” That was the theme of the beautiful song that my sister Christine sang at the wedding. And Dorothy gave a beautiful toast to me, acknowledging all the medical issues I’ve been through. It brought tears to my eyes and rendered me speechless! All I could say was “Group hug!” as I ran up to hug them both simultaneously.

Q’s family cooked authentic Mexican food for the wedding reception. Tamales and special wedding cookies were just some of the delicious cuisine! We really enjoyed meeting Q’s family. 16 relatives traveled from as far away as Texas and California for this momentous occasion! Dorothy’s relatives came from as far away as Maryland and Chicago, and places in between! It was great seeing every one!!! And what a way to celebrate this holiday season – with a wedding for 2 people who love each other so much!!!

Dorothy told me later hat Q’s relatives all told her I don’t look sick at all. If they didn’t already know I had medical issues, they would not have known it from looking at me. This is a good time to reiterate my philosophy: “If you act well, you’ll feel well and you’ll be well; if you act sick, you’ll feel sick and you’ll be sick.” Attitude is everything!!! I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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