Friday, November 26, 2010

11/26/10 –

Another update, 2 in 1 day! I’m making up for lost time! On November 20, I sponsored a bridal shower for my daughter Dorothy. I threw it together in less than 2 weeks and could not have done it without the help of my very dear friends Brenda and Tish. Brenda let me have it at her house, since parking is limited in my neighborhood. Tish had some wedding decorations left over from another bridal shower. Not only that, but I told her the colors (purple, red, and beige) and she bought new decorations with those colors!!!!! I showed up one and a half hours before the shower, with my decorations, and sat in a chair while Tish, Brenda, her daughter Cindy, her neighbor Jessie, and Dorothy did all the decorating!!!!!! 15 people came, including my sister Christine and her friend Claire. Another friend, Penny, came with a camera and offered to take pictures!!!! That was a Godsend because I had my camera but could not take pictures since I was the host/emcee. I did have my camera and my sister took lots of pictures. Now Dorothy will have her choice of pictures for her scrapbook. Everyone said it was a great shower and that I looked good for all I am going through to have sponsored it, full of energy and enthusiasm! Well, that’s why I always accentuate the positive and pay little attention to the negative.

On Thanksgiving our friend’s Laurie and EJ invited us to their house. We had lots of fun; it was a small gathering of family and friends and all adults, so I didn’t have to worry about germs that much. And we met a man who was a 5-year colon cancer survivor. DC and Q joined us later. I have a hat that can be worn with the brim up or down (the one shown in the picture). I had it up but every time one of the gentleman was teasing one of the ladies, I said, “Look what I can do with my hat”; I turned the brim down over my eyes and said “Out of sight, out of mind.” Some of the ladies said, “I need a hat like that!!!”

The day after Thanksgiving my sister Christine came up to visit from Orlando. She helped me tend my garden, which I had sadly neglected since the weather turned cold. I thought that the growing season was over but we had some warm days, which is like a false spring here in Florida. The garden had some surprises for me!!!!

Despite the changing weather, still my Mexican petunias and 4 o’clocks kept blooming, thought on a much smaller scale. I had also noticed that the white penta was dying, as well as the marigolds in the tubs in front. My sister offered to cut out the dead marigolds and when she did, she found that the flowers were seeding!!! So she put the flowers in the dirt of the tub and covered them with mulch. Let’s see if new ones grow! I watered the yard and decided to tear off the damaged leaves from the white penta. When I did, I found out, lo and behold, that the plant was putting forth new leaves!!

“OK, God,” I said. “I get it!!! You never give up!!!! Not even when people do!!!!! Thanks so much for this reminder. I promise to continue to care for our garden. Thank you for keeping it alive when I didn’t feel like tending it!!! And thank you for tending to the garden that is my body, even when I didn’t feel like tending to it, either!!”

Life Lesson: God never gives up! We shouldn’t, either!!!!!

Pictures of the bridal shower show the decorated table, me and DC, and Tinkerbell with the party favors. The other pictures show 2 plaques hanging in my garden, with inspirational sayings.

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