Sunday, October 31, 2010

God and the Mexican Petunias, or A Fighter and a Survivor -

written on October 19, 2010

I’ve told you about the Mexican petunias in my back yard. I have 4 plants that were given to me by friends; everyday it blooms, the blooms fall off in the evening, and it is full of new blooms the next day. On the day I had my 1st PET Scan scheduled since the one of 6/2010 as I was getting ready for work, AL was watering the garden. He came in with a big grin on his face and said, “Someone is speaking to you – all of those blooms that were on the petunias yesterday are still there! None of them fell off yesterday or during the night!!!!” We took that as a good sign from God that I will hear good news from scan today!!!!! So we went for the scan and then saw the doctor; she pulled it up so we could “look at it together.”

Now this is going to be another one of those “Good news newsy news, good news, superlatively wonderful news” blog postings like my 1st one in April when I found out that the C may have returned – then it was “good news, bad news, good news’, but I have since taken negative words out of my vocabulary in reference to my lung health, “neutral news” doesn’t have the same ring, so I will simply call it simply “newsy news.” And here it is:

1st Good news is that the 2 lesions we were treating in the left lung are significantly reduced to just 10% of their original sizes!!!!!!!! And there is hardly any metabolic activity left in them!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!

Newsy news is that there is a new lesion in the right lung.

2nd Good news is that it is very small and, again, the PET scan caught it very early, and it and what is left of the other 2 will respond to the new chemotherapy drug I am taking orally.

The superlatively wonderful news is God is still in control!!!!! I have faith and believe in His word, all those promises written in the Bible that I claim every day when I walk across the bridge of promises in my Celtic garden.

I think the “C” is trying to get me to forsake my God, throwing all these trials and tribulations my way. “Well, FORGET IT, C!!!!! All you are doing is drawing me closer to Him!!!!!! You are trying to speak to me through the doctor’s tests but man’s tests don’t override God’s promises, or the message He sent me and Al through the Mexican petunias. If it’s doubt and despair you are looking for, you better go attack someone else, because you won’t find it in me!!!!”

The infectious disease doctor, when he dismissed me, said, “You are a fighter and a survivor and I wish you the best of luck.” “A fighter and a survivor” – well, I think that is an excellent description of me, especially when I put on the armor of God!!!!! Time to do battle; with God on my side, how can I lose?

The pictures show the purple Mexican petunias blooming; 2 red crown of thorn plants and one close-up; my neighbor Georgette’s dog Ditto, who is a frequent visitor to my garden; and the new Celtic Flag that Georgette gave me.

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