Friday, August 13, 2010

Lavender, Lavender , Lavender !

Lavender, Lavender , Lavender !
The last entry had me sitting on my bench, waving bye to my sisters and reveling in the positive energy that they had filed my house with. I then went out to the back yard and sat in the swing and – lo and behold – the green flowerets on the hydrangeas had turned color – to lavender! Then I noticed that the only other plant we have back there had 1 bloom on it, the first of the season - a lavender hibiscus!!! Confirmation that Dorothy should indeed wear a lavender wedding dress! So now these 2 plants will remind me of my sisters, because they each produced a lavender plant when they visited the garden, and my daughter, because they bloomed the same color as her wedding dress. Actually, both of my sisters have extremely dark green thumbs and I’m sure their presence stimulated my garden! The 4 o’clocks in the front yard and in the backyard have grown taller, the bogenvilla in the back has grown several branches long enough to train on the wires, the fern is growing, and the cactus is, too! I have 4 Mexican petunias (some people call them Pilipino violets), a cactus, and 2 crown of thorn plants that were given to me. The front and side yards are all filled up, so I can put these new plants in the backyard. I didn’t expect to landscape the backyard until next year, but thanks to everybody’s generosity, we can start on it now. I found out that the cactus literally grows before my eyes! It is easy to grow, even for someone with a pale green thumb! Oh, joy! I have found my garden calling! Our backyard literally looks like a desert, too! It is sandy and we are planning to turn it into a rock garden eventually, with pathways of pavers. We do have a deck with a covered pergola. Later we will hang plants and wind chimes on it. I put the Mexican petunias in the back yard in full sun, and they thrived! I had been keeping them in the shady part of Greenscape, but they bloomed for the first time the day after my sisters left when I put them in the sun! Al is going to make a raised flowerbed and we will fill it full of Mexican petunias! They have gorgeous blossoms and guess what color they are? Lavender!!! Like Dorothy’s wedding dress!!! Okay, so now I have a backyard with nothing but lavender blooms; it’s a good thing I like the color lavender!!! Wait, I know how to get another color back there! I will put the 2 crown of thorn plants that my sister gave me in the back yard. I transplanted them into bigger pots and positioned them by the swing. Here they get full sun, and voila! - They have thrived! They are even putting forth new shoots! Now I have lots of pretty, colorful things to see from my back windows! Things that remind me of my support group (that’s you!) and God’s loving kindness!!! Thank you, everybody! And thank you, God!!!! Now I get to watch God transform my barren desert backyard into a lush, colorful rock garden!!!

The pictures show the bogenvilla in the backyard, lavender hibiscus, deck with pergola, picture of swing with red crown of thorns in front of it and lavender Mexican petunias in back of it.

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